Every aspect of the enterprise provides opportunities to maximize corporate value

Plus Points
to Maximize Corporate Value

From Concept to Reality
Companies start out because the founder conceives a great idea. The idea is translated into an image, or a story that must sustain the company as it goes into the marketplace…more

Building Corporate Value
Creating recognition throughout the company that maximizing corporate value is the goal of the business will take thought leadership to a higher plane…more

Revenue is the Cheapest Form of Capital
Often overlooked as a source for working capital to start and build a business is revenue and yet it is the cheapest form of capital. It costs nothing in terms…more

Focus on the Liquidity Event
The day you perceive your new enterprise is the day you should also begin thinking about the liquidity events that will facilitate your exit strategy…more

Create a Workable Business Model
The vision of our first company was to build programmer productivity tools that would facilitate building and maintaining large scale application systems. The only problem…more

Selling to the Other Constituency
Consider the two sources of capital: one from customers, the other from investors. Each source requires a different story and a different set of challenges…more

What’s Your Story?
Right there, already a part of what you do, is one of your biggest assets in terms of building additional revenue streams for your company. It is simply…more

Achieving Upside Potential
When you think about what else you could be doing to push your company to the next level of growth where do you think the opportunities are? Many say…more

Surviving the Downside Risk
The company that gets into trouble is the company that does not notice that their environment is changing. It is a sure sign that disaster is on the horizon when…more

Finding the Next Great Idea
Necessity is often the mother of an innovation. Interestingly, innovation then becomes the engine for growth, and it is this engine that will be the source…more

Quick Recognition of a Great Idea
Explaining something that is brand new is often very difficult. Getting people to buy-in to your new idea is even more difficult. But if it…more

Your Best Salesman is Free
Your best sales representatives are free. They are the people who continually buy from you, who recommend your product or services without…more