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non-conventional wisdom
corporate growth focused
paths to efficient revenue
maximizing corporate value

Our Promise

Plus Point Partners is passionate about building emerging companies the right way for the right reasons. Our backgrounds include building multi-million dollar enterprises, funded by revenue from long term government contracts, from concept through IPOs and acquisitions.

We assist innovative companies that have the potential to become leaders in their respective market place. Following non-conventional wisdom new perspectives are introduced along with a practical implementation plan that will expand and generate new sources of revenue.

We provide management guidance, business development assistance and positioning direction to the leadership of emerging companies. Through hands-on teaching of strategies, tactics and implementation skills we discover efficient paths to revenue. Company executives are able to create an enterprise that will maximize their expansion.

We properly align the company’s resources to create a compelling message for the sale of the company’s products or service offerings. Potential target customers are identified that will be receptive to the capabilities of the emerging company. A match is orchestrated to facilitate the presentation of viable solutions to make business happen.

We focus on maximizing corporate value as the basis for decision making. This ensures that the company’s financial structure will support the cash requirements of the business throughout its corporate life-cycle.

We believe that revenue is the cheapest form of capital. It legitimizes the business. The ultimate goal is to create financial options regarding liquidity events for the shareholders.