Merging entrepreneurial spirit, creativity and proven methodologies in an effort to advance the mission of the Federal Government.

Case Studies

PLUS POINT PARTNERS works in partnership with companies and organizations across a broad spectrum of business and technology disciplines, corporate structures and sizes. This enables Plus Point Partners to deliver solutions based on sound business practices coupled with the right mix of proven methodologies and applicable solutions. Some examples are:

Organizational development, design and implementation As trusted advisors to senior leaders we help government agencies and international financial institutions accomplish their missions. While providing a deft combination of leadership development, change management and program execution we bring leaders together around key issues. While addressing individual concerns our group works closely with leaders to confirm strategic objectives and the factors necessary for success. Key issues are identified and addressed directly – enabling large complex organizations, often with internal disparate points of view, to engage and move forward.  

Decision support through the federal budget cycle process We have worked with financial managers at all levels of federal government organizations for generations. Using financial data that has been accessed from a myriad of sources and levels, clients are provided the tools for top down decision making, but which also allow managers at higher levels in the organization to drill down into the details that address budget planning, formulation and execution.  Financial managers are provided with forecasting, modeling and scheduling capabilities that tie directly into budget creation, submission and tracking as program requests move through the system in search of funding approval.  Once Congressional funding is appropriated dollars are tracked through the allocation and obligation process.

Technology infrastructure design, implementation and support Armed with a highly integrated team of 80+ credentialed engineers our group provides 24/7/365 real time access to data critical for the efficient operation of a wide spectrum of over 500 enterprises. The customers’ investment in technology solutions align with the most cost effective, manageable, reliable suite of network, hardware and software solutions with the operating requirements of the organization. The company’s highly trained and experienced network and system engineers design install and maintain tailored networks to ensure efficient, secure network reliability.  We address the effect that cloud computing, the broad reach of wireless communications, cyber terrorism and an ever increasing demand for bandwidth have on an organization’s performance and productivity.

Software development The provider of an “automated operating system lock down” tool for Linux® and Solaris™ providing a way to consistently and predictably secure enterprise-wide systems in a fraction of the time (from hours or , to minutes).  The tool automatically configures the operating systems to meet stringent and complex industry standards including those imposed by the Center for Internet Security (CIS), the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), The SANS Institute [SANS], and The Federal Information Security Management Act [FISMA], as well as the ability to manage servers to address specific enterprise requirements.    

Government program manager support Plus Point Partners, LLC provides leadership, experience, wisdom and knowhow that spans four decades to deliver on the management challenges faced by managers of large scale government programs in defense and civilian agencies.  We have conceived, designed, and executed the delivery and management of major government systems of complexity and importance that managed billions of dollars and were mission critical to the operational support and defense of our country…more

Progressive Evolutionary Management (PEM) Forum We are headed into a Perfect Storm – a massive change in the federal work force with 61% eligible for retirement in 5 years, technology advancements that are shortening and providing transparency to the decision process to all levels of management, and projected reductions in operational funding for years to come. Hosted by Plus Point Partners, the PEM Forum considers these relevant, provocative issues in a high powered, high energy on-going conversation of congenial people…more